First Week of Dutch Preparation

It has been a whole week since I signed up for my Dutch lessons and I’ve got 6 weeks left until my first class.

My aim from the start was to spend an hour (at least) on Dutch each day in the run up to starting my course before being told where to focus my energies. In the mean time i have been listening to Dutch Radio, watching Mannenharten countless times and keeping in check with Nick and Simon’s Caribbean Dream on NPO! As you can imagine it have been a busy week. Today i have gone over the past seven sections I have covered. Looking back it does seem similar to when I was learning French I can remember those huge text books with each double page a new section like; Holidays, Cinema, The Home etc.

From this FABULOUS websiteΒ I have covered the first 7 lessons with relative ease that was until tenses have now started to crop up and conjugating verbs and what not (I’m saving that for Day 8 onwards!)

Here is a list of the subjects I have covered (and what theyFirst 7 days! mean in English too)

  1. Wat is dis? (What is this?)
  2. Wie ben jij? (Who are you?)
  3. Alles goed? (Everything ok?)
  4. Mag ik twee pils? (May I have 2 lagers?)
  5. Hoevell kost dat? (How much does that cost?)
  6. Twee straat links. (Second street turn left)
  7. Ga je mee? (Do you want to go?)


Its been great fun and I must say I am still enjoying it all. Rereading everything and I think i am getting a feel for the rhythm of the language. I think i am going to need help in class with explaining the tenses and going through that bit slowly. I remember struggling with tenses in French but i did get there in the end…I think!

There are 10 lessons in this section. My plan is to finish the ten sections by Saturday before spending Sunday and Monday looking at tenses exclusively. You can expect a post on that no doubt!

Here is a cute little video I found of 100 Dutch people counting to 100 in Dutch!


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2 thoughts on “First Week of Dutch Preparation

  1. Charlene, we can do it together, virtually at least! Lets face it learning a language isn’t all that likely to be a part time hobby it is energy zapping. If we help each other we’ll both get there. You’ve got the hidden advantage of actually being in Holland very soon. My dutch conversations won’t be as easy to practice. Not many people in Tesco speak Dutch as opposed to the Albert Heijn! xx


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