Sentences that make me chuckle…

I’ve talked a few times about silly little sentences I’ve been taught so far. Everyone has fond memories of the farmers affiliation to the bus! Today I feel like i have found another key sentence that will be required in order to survive with any Dutch person. 

I have been looking at a chapter called “Ga je mee?” which basically translates to “Are you coming..?” Its all about learning how to ask someone to go somewhere or arrange and make plans. 


Todays sentence:

“Nee, sorry, kan ik niet, ik moet mijn haar wassen” which translates to “No, sorry, I cant, I have to wash my hair”. 


not tonight I'm washing my hairNow I can’t quiet explain why I found this all that funny but personally I think its a brilliant thing to be taught second only to “Niet vanavond, ik hoofdpijn hebben!” (“Not tonight, i have a headache”).  I think the fact is that i didn’t really expect to be taught it when learning the vocab for a discussion about the cinema. The more I learn the more I’m planning on doing a post about brilliant little sentences like this, who knows what sentences will make it into the *start* phrases! 


If you’ve got any brilliant little dutch ditties send them my way! 


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