Review: Current Dutch Artists I LOVE at the moment

I thought we where due a little review and as I’ve had my iPod on shuffle today I thought what better to do than a review of Dutch music! I am going to break this post up into sections as it could get a little confusing and long winded otherwise.  I love music and I love foreign music (for me that includes: Spanish, French and Dutch), I don’t bother that i don’t understand what they are saying, lets face it some english songs leave me a little dumbfounded.


There are loads of Dutch radio stations but for me I have 2 favourites. Sky Radio NL and Q Music.

Sky Radio is a bit like HeartFM in England only better, it covers music from the charts today and the good old 80’s and 90’s grooves. I love it that much that I even listen to it online. They even have a dedicated Christmas version that plays non stop christmas tunes from early november (ish). I used to have it playing everyday at my office. There are less adverts, not all that many Dutch songs and the songs that they do play are all jumbled up so you really hear the same one more than once.

Q Music is a little more serious in my opinion and I can’t really explain why. Each morning between 9am and 10am the have a show called “De Foute Uur” which actually translates to “The False Hour”. This is an hour of party songs, 90’s classics, disco tunes and dance mixes. The type of music you’d have at a dodgy family party or a children’s disc from the late 90’s.


It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.

           – Marilyn Monroe


iTunes Top 40

The Netherlands have their own Top40 which isn’t all that different to ours really. What I do find different for them is some of the tracks that make it into their Top10 are contestant off The Voice of Holland or other talent shows. Its brilliant. Songs of British shows are usually available for download these days but never make it anywhere near the Top10. I think its possible in The Netherlands because of the size of their country because some of the artists (in my opinion) aren’t really that great.


Artists and Individuals

I have a strange little soft spot for Paul De Leeuw (which I’ve recently learnt that “De Leeuw” in English is “The Lion” and I think that is even more cute!) My soft spot started for him when i saw his duet with Adele singing “Make You Feel My Love / Zo Puur Kan  Liefde Zijn” it is such a beautiful track check it out below.

Movie soundtracks are great for finding artists! My favourite Dutch album at the moment is Nielson “Zo Van Ah Yeah”.

Bløf and Neilson sing the theme tune to Mannenharten (if you’ve ready my earlier post you’ll know its a favourite movie of mine).

Miss Montreal and Neilson also sing the joyous summer tune “Hoe”, its a lovely track and a super cute video.


Ilse DeLange and the Common Linnets (the 2014 Eurovision song) has taken Europe buy storm with a countryfied ballad which really is quiet catchy.

Another good artist in Anouk. I have fond memories of being introduces to Anouk some six years ago. Some of my favourites include; Michel, Nobody’s Wife and the recent Eurovision song Birds.


Caro Emerald is the PinUp styled temptress that is Dutch and has made her way over the water to us. Her swing themed tunes and classic curvy style is right up my street. I think she’s beautiful and classic. Both albums are incredible and get me through many a long car journey!



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