Ik hou mijn fiets!

A simple phrase that means a lot to Dutch people.

The fascination with cycling in Holland goes back Dutch people have considered cycling to be an intrinsic part of their national identity since the 1890s, when the first bike paths were built.

Every Dutch town and city I have ever been to has cyclists and designated cycle lanes. Some people a lethal when they’re on 2 wheels!! I’ll be honest I have never been cycling in Holland and right now I’d be too scared to do so, I’m such a wuss!



What fascinates me most about the Dutch cyclists is how easy and natural they make it look. Cycling with one hand or no hands it always looks effortless. I have seen loads of people being more concerned with texting on their phone or juggling shopping and an umbrella in a storm and NEVER have I seen someone fall off! Another thing that always gets me is they never look out of breath or windswept, in fact they almost make cycling look sexy! Crazy right?! Its true, they cycle to and from work, out to meet friends, to the supermarket etc.

If it where to be me, I’d end up a stupidly horrible sweaty mess!!

Here is a nifty little video filmed in Amsterdam about their love of bicycles which explains its all via song!

There are loads of great blogs and information sites. This one on WordPress is full of information about new cycle parks and general news about cycles safety.

For my birthday this year my parents brought me a Dutch step through bicycle. It is my little baby and although I only cycle in my local area and it is lovely to get out. England isn’t as cycle friendly as The Netherlands as these guys are used to it and have been cycling since they could walk! Over here if you where to take you bike to the supermarket there isn’t anywhere to park it. I do wish we could cycle more in the UK, I think a lot of it is confidence too. I’m not a strong enough cyclist to tackle British roads without full safety clothes and stabalisers let alone tackle the streets of Holland sans helmet and elbow pads whilst still looking elegant and ladylike.

My bike

<—-  My super cute bicycle!!

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