Youtubers Vlogs about Dutch Language

In the run up to my first class I have been desperately searching for vocabulary sheets, helpers or pointers because, for me, I hate going into something feeling completely unprepared. I understand that I am going to college to learn but its nice to go in and not feel completely out of ones depth from the word go.

In my searches I struggled. Dutch isn’t the most commonly learnt or taught language so there are limited resources around.

I found some awesome youtube videos fromย Lidewij. She is brilliant and her videos explain just what you need to know in useful little phrases. Here is a link to her websiteย and I’ll put one of her video below.

Also on Youtube I came across an English speaking girl studying in Amsterdam. Carly’s videosย are great too! I feel quiet similar to her with her experiences and attitudes. Her video on How to Trick People into Thinking You Can Speak Dutch is awesome! I have put here video below too.


These videos are great and there are loads out there too! All of this just makes me even more super excited about starting my classes!!


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