Review: Mannenharten

The first full Dutch movie I’ve ever seen was Mannenharten. We are talking *full* Dutch! A problem I know I am going to come across with the movies is the lack of English subtitles. With a movie this isn’t the end of the world because you can follow what is going on by the context and the situations they are in. Luckily with Dutch there are many words which sound the same or similar in English and with the help of a little google translation of key words that keep cropping up I can honestly say I really enjoyed the movie.

So, What is the movie about?

MannenhartenGym-buddies Tim, Wouter, Niels and Denis all have issues at home with their love life. Tim has cold feet about his wedding, Wouter is trying his best to keep his girlfriend, Niels is a shy socially awkward man looking for love and Denis is the party-boy who changes his focus from models and the highlife to working with a folk singer.

I love the tagline from the movie synopsis; “In bed beside him Each one looking for their place in life and to the person they want on their side. Unpredictable but oh so recognisable!”

The movie is funny, witty and clever. It is set against a beautiful backdrop of Amsterdam. A typical feel good movie where everyone lives happy ever after. I have seen some really negative reviews for this movie and I honestly don’t agree. Perhaps it is the language barrier or the fact that for me I not only have to watch the movie but *see* what is happening and how everyone feeds in together. It is a lightharted endearing movie and for me highlights some Dutch actors I will be looking out for in the future, namely the gorgeous Barry Atsma!! It isn’t a groundbreaking Oscar-Nomination film but it is good and represents Amsterdam very well.

I didn’t have the Dutch down for being such romantics, this film definitely made you feel a little fuzzy inside!

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