Dutch Movies I have seen and want to see…

A great way of learning a language is to be surrounded by it as often as possible and in a way where its is relax and conversational. Most words we need to use in conversation are the same and with an extensive list of vocab you can swap and interchange words to keep the conversation going.

I’ve been to the cinema loads of times in The Netherlands, i think its rather cool that they show the exact same films as they do in the UK but just stick Dutch subtitles on the bottom. This being said they do have their own film industry which i have learned recently is rather good!

Seeing trailers at the cinema for different movies is the best way to see which movies take your fancy and it was how i discovered my first Dutch movie.Β MannenhartenΒ (in English Mans Hearts). My review of the movie can be found here!

My current (and ever growing) list of movies to see is below. These movies cover all genre, some are not as PG rated as others!! My plan is to treat myself each week with a new movie in my quest to learn Dutch. Watching the movies helps develop vocabulary, saturation of the language for its grammatical features as well as being a fun way to test your memory on the words you’ve already learnt.

  • Smoor Verliefde (Love Sick)
  • Hartstraat (Heart Street)
  • Soof
  • Loft
  • Ouwehoeren
  • Supernova
  • Joy
  • De Overgave (The Surrenderer)
  • Feuten: Het Feestje (Feuten: The Party)
  • Alle Tijd (All Time)
  • De Gelukkige Huisvrouw (The Happy Housewife)
  • Verliefde Op Ibiza (Love in Ibiza)
  • Pijnstillers (Painkillers)
  • Coach
  • Als je verliefde Wordt (If you begin to love)

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