Finding the right Dutch course

It has taken me FORVER to find a Dutch course that fits my spec. I am looking for somewhere that:

  • Is close to home
  • Not ridiculously expensive
  • Teaches in a small group
  • Is based part time in a classroom

I personally didn’t think that was too much of a strict criteria but its appeared so. I am in no way saying that this is the best type of course, or that people can’t learn a language on their own because they can. Some people are brilliant at it, i’ve read a few blogs about polygots and its fascinating but for me I need a classroom and a tutor.

I have tried a home kit. I brought the Hugo Dutch in 3 Months language course but I work better in a classroom. After learning French at school for 7 years I know that its the only way to get me focused and engaged it in and to ensure that i stick to it.

The course I have picked is PERFECT! Based in Birmingham, one night a week, Β£80 a term. From the research I have done one-to-one tutoring is terribly expensive and i don’t think that would suit me (it does possibly uncover a career step for the future).

My course starts October 1st and at the minute there is only me and one other person enrolled. So far, if my maths is correct it works out to Β£4 a session which is practically one-to-one. I never in a million years thought that I would find anywhere that cheap!

I am so excited to start and have been digging out some vocab sheets and brushing up on the minute grammar rules that I already know. October can’t come fast enough!


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