Hate Preachers – Why cant they just leave people alone?!


The citizens of the world have judged one another since the dawn of time – intolerance, extremism and disillusion isn’t new. Us millennials (ha! i’m so categorising myself here even tho I am at least 10 years past that grouping!) are more tolerant of others, we open up more, we don’t view people by their physical limitations, their gender binaries or their religious beliefs, its just not what people in my world do but that doesn’t mean its not out there.

Hate Preaching comes in many forms from religion to sexual orientations and recently I watched a documentary on US Preachers who are against homosexuality. Naturally I wanted to share my views on this with one main question How can preaching hate ever bring about harmony? 

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Girl UP!


girlup2_glamour_18apr16_pr_b_640x640I picked up the copy of Girl Up from the airport recently and was met with the cashier shouting “Girl Power!” with a air punch followed by the best review you’d ever want in a book store “We love this book in here. You are going to really enjoy it!” – Now I’m sure they say that to all the books but this really felt sincere. Lets face it, who wouldn’t love a book that promises feminist limericks, colour-by-numbers genitalia and dancing vaginas (hence my featured image of choice!)

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Is it too late now to say ‘Sorry’?


As much as I like any chance to quote JB I am posing a serious question. How many times in a day do you say ‘sorry!’ ? How many times do you apologise for something that a) doesn’t require one, b)is something that wasn’t you fault, or c) just because you don’t know what else to say?

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Society is down on Down’s


Sally Phillips’s  documentary for the BBC about the challenges and joys of raising her son with Down’s Syndrome was simply brilliant. In her words “I was expecting tragedy but what i got was comedy” that line perfectly sums up her family life and the entire documentary. The documentary looks at the increasing ability for screening foetuses for Down’s Syndrome earlier in pregnancy with more accurate results. The odds of having a baby with Down’s Syndrome are higher the older you are when you get pregnant and screening is offered as pretty standard practice to expectant mothers, especially those post 30 years old at conception.

4221396001_4051350406001_jamieWith Down’s people achieving more than ever before by becoming tv actors in mainstream soaps and movies, models on the catwalk etc. One would be almost forgiven for believing that we are now all accepting and encouraging but the truth is we are far from.

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5 Things I’ll never quite understand about the Netherlands


In response to my recent 5 things I will always love about the Netherlands I thought I would write a counter post. The things that I really don’t get. The things that always mark the differences between our countries. In many ways the things I don’t understand about the Dutch are the basis for the reasons in which I love them!

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