Another 2 good reasons to have another glass of bubbles this weekend


Champagne has been in the news a few times this week and finally we have yet another two good reasons to drink more Moet!

News just in – Dutch Ministers are to scrap tax on champagne! Research today has found a direct link between the grapes used in Champagne which can prevent the onset of Alzheimers.

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At what point does a ban become a chance to publicly humiliate?


I read in the papers recently, like many others, about the lady who was forced by armed police to remove her Burkini on a beach in Nice and then fined £32. The story sickened me to see this woman so public humiliated but it raised more questions with me the angrier I got.

As a non-practicing Christian the religious argument of having to cover ones face from the world has always been lost on me. Rather than hiding a woman’s body from the prying eyes of men we should be teaching men not to have such prying eyes. There is no mention of the burqa in Islamic texts such as the Qur’an, it is in theory the wearers choice and I like to think that a lot of women who do choose to cover their face do so of their own will. The ‘Burkini’ is a relatively new garment invented in 2004 by Aheda Zanetti and has received some traction in the press as of late.  Far from the bikini it takes its name from, it is impossible to think of any other way to wear the religious dress and still go swimming.

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Improve your Dutch or pay the price!

Can we have a reference to Austin Powers in every post?!

New rules from the Dutch Government that came in to force earlier this year mean that people with poor language skills will be forced improve themselves by attending language classes or suffer the consequences.  This rule is for people claiming benefits in Holland. Those who refuse to improve themselves risk having their benefits cut. 20% for the first 12 months before being cut all together if no improvement is made.

It sounds like a harsh new rule but one I thought would harness debate. 

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50 Shades – take 2


Well I need something to pass the lonely nights now I’m living alone…joking (well only partly!). Re-watching the most talked about movie of 2015 sent me on a rollercoaster of feelings towards the franchise. Having read the book and seeing the movie a handful of times back in 2015 I hadn’t given it much thought since so when I found myself home alone with nothing on TV I thought I’d give Mr Grey another little go. Queue the steamy music and adjust the contrast on your tv for 50 Shades of Grey.

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What does plus size actually look like?


Body positive – what does it actually mean? Loving your own body or accepting the variation of everyone else’s?  As an active social media user I have a very varied set of interest and there is undoubtedly an uprising from the ‘plus sized’ community but instead of making me feel like I finally belong in a consumer group I feel even more fractured as instead of size zero or size 32 I find myself with nearly every other ‘average’ woman somewhere on the spectrum in the middle. So what does ‘plus’ actually look like?

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