Day 3: Favourite Quote

I used to have a book when I was growing up full of quotes that inspired me or that I felt had an important meaning (I’ve always been a geek!). I’m not quite sure what happened to that book. It might be in the loft from when we moved house many years back. I have a few inspirational quotes that I like. Notably my favourite is Tennessee Williams:

 We all live in a house on fire, no fire department to call; no way out, just the upstairs window to look out of while the fire burns the house down with us trapped, locked in it.

It’s a tragic perception of the world, a bit sad really. In that no matter how good and brave you are, we are doomed in some way or another. I interpret it as meaning that everyone has things inside them that are overwhelming and confound them and it’s a reminder that time isn’t unlimited, the sands of time tick on and we are to make the best of what we’ve got. Lets face it, nobody gets out of this world alive. – how deep was that for a Monday morning!

muhammad ali I’m also a fan of Muhammad Ali’s idea of impossible too. [insert picture]

Oh and lets not forget the upper famous ‘Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History’. It’s true, it’s catchy and its fierce! We like it!

I have this quote printed in the front of my journal too.

Front of Journal

As for Dutch quotes, lets keep with the program here. I’ve talked about famous Dutch quotes and proverbs before.

Nou breekt mijn klomp still remains a strong favourite. also has many Dutch quotes that are so cutsie and sweet. I’ve been known to IG a few of their quotes! They are hilarious!


So there we have it. My favouirte quote(s)

Day 2: 20 Facts about Me

As this is a primarily Dutch centred blog and attracts many readers with a passion or interest for The Netherlands I am aware that a 30 Day Challenge that’s just about me may be boring to my usual readers. So, on Day 2, I propose a compromise, I will blog every day as per the challenge guidelines but I will (probably without even trying) Dutch-ify my entries way. So what that means is that each challenge will include snippets of me with a Dutch focus. Knowing my obsession and the fact that I am known for rambling on all will become clear.

20 Facts About Me!

1. It’s coming up to my 5th Anniversary of my FIRST EVER trip to Holland. This trip was a first for a few things: the first flight I took on my own, the first time I met my Dutchies family, the first time I fell in love with a country so completely, the first time I tried Finkendellen (yum!) and croqetten (yuck!), the first time I felt wholly secure on my own (let alone in a foreign country), the first time I visited The Hague, The Efteling… you get the picture??

2. I am left handed. Me and my cousin are the only ones in our entire family! But I cnat use left handed scissors

3. I’m scared of spiders.

4. I was born with jet black curly hair.

5. New Years Eve is very important to me. I’m one of those cliché-believers ‘How you spend New Years Eve is how you spend the rest of the year’. I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious in any other way. I have been to many failed NYE Parties, one where the DJ was at the bar getting a drink and COMPLETELY missed everything. I’ve been to really crap parties too. I’ve been to really good ones too. In fact I can count about 5 epic New Years in the 23 that I have been on this Earth for. I welcomed in the Millennium in Weymouth. I celebrated 2013/2014 in Holland (the only one abroad!). I’ve purposefully missed 1. The 2014/2015 NYE we went to a show that was ridiculously sh*t so we walked out and made it home just in time to watch it on the TV in the living room with a bottle of Moet. What started out as the worst way to bring in the New Year ended up as one of the best. I have such high expectations of what NYE should be like it literally NEVER meets my expectations…like ever!

6. I love swing music and jazz! I just love music. I hate silence!

7. I like to cook. I’m better at baking sweet stuff rather than savoury but I love being in the kitchen.11536109_10153347457472593_4221210234302664171_n

8. I always text back. If I can. I don’t sit on messages (because I will forget) and I don’t play games with waiting to reply. If the phone is in my hand and I get a message I always text back. Simple as.

9. When I’m nervous I rub my hands together. Not in a creepy Mr Burns kind of way but in a ‘this is how I rub my hand lotion in’ kind of way. Granted I do always have hand lotion with me but I think the reason I do this as I usually cold hands (cold hand warm heart?!) and being British its a great conversation starter ‘Oh its cold isn’t it…’  Either that or I’m just weird.

10. I like driving. Hated it when I first had lessons at 17! I started learning again when I was 19 and I LOVE it!

11. I’m obsessed with bleach. Not in a weird substance abusing way but I cant stand dirty cups, once a week I bleach ALL of the cups in the office. That way we can start the week with nice clean cups.

12. I hate it when I eat the last malteaser without realising. I like to be mentally prepared.

cd76cfe74524060a8e8868c42624dbdb65962b23888c5450cc25ef48d42949ff13. I used the internet for tutorials and advice. I’m terrible as admitting when I cant do something, I either know how to do it or have haven’t learnt it yet. The joy of the internet is that someone else has already asked the question, there is normally a video or at least photos and nobody knows what you’ve had to look up (if you delete the search history ;)) Want to know how to boil the perfect egg? How to organise your ringbinders? How to cut your own hair? YOUTUBE and GOOGLE have the answer! (btw I haven’t had to look up this stuff…honestly I haven’t!)

14. I always have my nails painted, any and every colour, I feel lost with naked nails.

15. I never promise I will do something unless I know I actually can. This stems back to my mother when I was growing up. If she promised, she always did it. If she said ‘we’ll see’ it was a little more hit and miss.

16. I’m more of a morning person than a night owl. I find it easier to be chirpy early than I do late in the evening. When I need my sleep I’m best avoided.

17. I love wearing trainers. This has become a recent obsession of mine since February this year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE comfy shoes, I brought some Nike trainers this year, thought of them as an investment and my goodness I could never take them off. I also invested in some well fitting loafers too. My life once revolved around shoes that I couldn’t walk in now I’m disappointed if  I cant get away with wearing my comfys!

18. I have 10 fingers and 10 toes…cant you tell I’m running out of facts now!

19. Cosmopolitan – favourite cocktail. Although I discovered Pimms this year and my oh my where have I been living for the past 5 years? Under a rock!

New specs20. I wear glasses. I should porbably wear them more than I do. For anything further away than arms length I just can’t get my eyes to focus. I’m technically getting blinder with each year although this year my eyes have level up, they are both as blind and each other. Yesterday I picked up 2 new pairs of glasses. They are beautiful! Who knows next year it might be a white stick!

Day 1: My Blog’s Name

30 Day Blog ChallengeGoedemorgen dames en heren. Hier begint de eerst dag van mijn blog challege!

Day 1 of 30! Lets do this! Are you with me? Its not to late to join in :) 

Your Blogs Name:

My blog ‘My Netherlands: An English girls obsession with The Netherland’ does what it says on the tin. Originally with the tag line of ‘An English girls journey into learning Dutch’ – when my Dutch learning took a back seat it was reborn into a place to cater for my obsession with all things Dutch.

Little Miss Organised ME! 30day Challenges for August 2015!

For me being organised is the most important thing. Being organised makes me feel in control, I don’t worry about missing or forgetting things its my ultimate obsessive daily habit. Also if I’ve written it down I feel more obliged to actually do it. I keep a filofax, a bullet journal, an iCal the works not to mention the monthly print out inside my kitchen cupboard too! Those who don’t keep a track of the things they’ve committed themselves to need to go back and think about their lives!

August isn’t a very busy month at work for me (not sure my boss will appreciate me saying that and now I have said that it will probably be the busiest month yet!). I’ve got lots of social events to look forward to this month too; I’ve got a family wedding, the last month with my best friend before she moves to London, and a long awaited family holiday. So the month is heavily weighted with big events, which suggests it will go rather quickly.

The Importance of Being a Little Organised

I organise my life in 3 ways:Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 22.18.06

  1. Filofax. I use a personal size, patent leather. I’ve always used a diary of some kind ( – like ALWAYS) but last Christmas my filo was a present off my grandparents. I deal with all of their medical appointments so it was a bit of an inside joke. Me and My filofax :)
  2. iCal. If its in my filo its on my calendar that way if by any rare occasion I’m separated from my Filofax I have it all on my mac and my iPhone. Its colour co-ordinated obvs!
  3. Bullet Journal. I’ve had my eye on this method for a long time. I’ve used it for work since January and for the last month I have transferred my daily life into a similar method. It’s a rapid entry running to do list. You can see the format of the traditional bullet journal here. Mine is a hybrid version to cater to my needs. Plus I’ve discovered Spiraldex. I’ll just leave that word here and talk you through it after my month of using them. If anyone is keen on learning more about this system there are loads of youtube videos about it and I can talk you through mine.

August, a month of challenges

As (I’m hoping…) work will be a little quiet this month I am taking on a few personal challenges and by blogging about this will make me more accountable.

CHALLENGE NO.1 – 10K steps a day for the entire month. 10,000 steps every day in August. I had a trial run for a week in July and averaged about 6K a day. This is NOT going to be easy!

CHALLENGE NO.2 – No spend summer. We’d all like to save a little more and aside from unavoidable expenses such as rent money, phone bills and petrol for my car the plan is to spend less this summer. We all have avoidable expenses and I’ve worked out that I could get away with spending less than £50 in a month. HA! Lets see how that works out. As a disclaimer in the last few weeks of July I did scout around to see the things I would be due to run out of and brought them early – cant be running out of toothpaste now can we!

CHALLENGE NO.3 – More Water. It goes hand in hand with the extra steps. More water and more exercise are both good for the body and good for the soul plus I’ve been having the most horrendous headaches lately and I think dehydration is partly to blame. 8 glasses a day for 30 days, if nothing else my skin will be crystal clear!

CHALLENGE NO.4 – 30day blog challenge. We’ve seen them on here and we’ve seen them on instagram but I’ve never actually done one so I’m trying it out for August. They will be short posts but none the less it will be consecutive posting.

Here's a sneak peak of whats to come!

Here’s a sneak peak of whats to come!

My Bullet Journal is ready, I have all of my tracking systems in place and I am ready to go. I have already highlighted the key dates in which I think will cause some problems but averages are our friends and if I can’t hit my total every day I’m dammed if I’m not going to hit it on average!

So what about you? Are you taking any summer challenges? Do you want to join me on mine? The more the merrier in my opinion. All it takes is a little time out for yourself each day and you’d be amazed at what you can achieve!

On this day…

blog-ref-sherlockThis last few weeks have been full of blogging milestones for me so I couldn’t let this one go by without marking it.

Today marks my anniversary of the idea of my Dutch blog. Well actually it went live on the 1st August but on the 28th July 2014 I had the idea of sourcing an outlet for my Dutch obsession and it has stuck with me and superseded all other writing outlets I’ve ever used. Its become my hub for everything as well as my Dutch. So not only have I been forcing my opinions on the world for 5 years but I’ve been Dutching for 12 months too.

Here’s my first every dutch blog post  – Girls Weekend in Amsterdam! I’ve not been away with the girls since this trip either but it was an incredible trip and one we would all gladly make again. I probably wouldn’t stay above a Falafel shop again given the choice!  I thought I’d be in a better Dutch-speaking place by now but alas I’m not. Instead I’ve just become rather opinionated on Dutch things! The Dutch do weird stuff and I love them for that. I hope that comes across here at 10458806_10152545693802593_6158125469947159447_n

Bonus fact: Today is also the anniversary of me passing my driving test!! Woohoo!!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

How exciting is it to wake up to an email with the news that the lovely Jenny has nominated me for a blogger award?! I was awfully excited by it. I’ve been nominated twice before Sisterhood of the World Blogger and Creative Blogger but it always gets excited and I am so flattered that normal people like you read my ramblings and whats more you like them! With blogging there is a tendency to type and type and type and forget that its out there for everyone. So, more about Jenny – in fact summed things up rather nicely in her post.

Maria Victoria Smith – I actually first found Maria on Instagram when we bonded oer our mutual, and somewhat unusaual affinity for The Netherlands. Her blog is well-written, engaging and it was so nice to find someone who liked the Dutch as much as me!

There’s a hidden Dutch-wannabe community that I feel like I am almost tapping into which means I find people like Jenny! If i have any words of advice that I think more people should live by its this: If you have a fascination or an interest in anything go out and find other people who like it too – they are there if you just look! Now on to the rules…

ONE. Thank the blogger who nominated you. – CHECKblogger

TWO. List the rules and display the award. The rules are in the post – please just copy and paste and get nominating!

THREE. Share seven facts about yourself. 1.

1. I love karaoke – not necessarily partaking it in but the whole idea of it, I just love it. I sing a lot, my life is lived to a soundtrack of music and that’s always been important to me. I’m really lucky in my current job that I get attend a lot of community events and recently they have been in the form of period events and choirs. I’m in my element. I was in a number of Theatrical productions and music concerts when I was at school and haven’t done much on stage since. There is a community starting up soon and I seriously considering it!passion2. I love watching people – I am such a people person its painful at times. I can happily sit somewhere with a cup of tea and watch the world go by. I do have my favourite type of person to watch and I’m going to share that with you.  I like watching people talk about something they are passionate about. There’s a huge difference between someone giving a speech they’ve rehearsed or been told to talk about compared to someone speaking from the heart. I can spot people who are passionate about what they talk about from a mile off. Their eyes glisten, they stand taller, their chest expands and they smile – a proper full face smiles, possibly even a bit of tooth as well.3. I’m a little bit of a tea hoarder. I spoke recently about the importance of tea. It is important to me. I have two tea chests full of varied flavours. I also have quite a lot of teapots too. I just cant help myself. I’ve actually been banned from buying anymore as I have currently taken over the top two shelves in one of the kitchen cupboard. I drink a lot of tea but I simply cannot drink it quick enough before there’s more. Plus I have this terrible fear or fancying a cup and not having it in stock! I just couldn’t cope with that.

4. I am an organisation freak. I love nothing more than scheduling, planning, highlighting, listing, my life. I have something in the pipeline about this coming very soon. Keep your eyes peeled in August for more on this. I’m learning to harness this obsession.

11041811_10203785563862710_5927413345970586327_n5. I’m a little bit of a Female Empowerment Advocate. Not in any massive way, I prefer to bubble along rather than be a campaigner on such topics. I am a massive believer in equal rights for men and women but not in the sense of making EVERYTHING the same for men and women. I’m more the type of person who wants to redefine expectations of individuals. I believe that everyone should have the right to be or do whatever they feel they can. I don’t think we should force equality but simply be less judgmental with our expectations. I think women should know they are beautiful, there is no definition of beauty, its is who we are rather than what we are. I think women shouldn’t be judged or given a hand up – women, like men, should have to work for what they want in life. I believe there should be no special treatment for one gender over another and mostly I don’t think anyone should feel any less for knowing and embracing what they are good at, what they are bad at,  what they like or what they dislike. I know what I want to accomplish in my life and my gender doesn’t even come into it. I also happen to think I would have made a kick-ass suffragette back in the day!


6.  I’m not very creative. Try as I might I cant draw, I cant sew, I cant make anything in that sense. I can cook and I happen to think I have a good eye for a photograph but as for anything else on the creative side with my hands I just cant do.
7. I used to read… a lot. I could finish a book in a week easily, I could speed read whilst on holiday and read literally everybody’s book around the pool. Nowadays, one book takes me months, nothing is inspiring enough and those books which I feel are exciting just aren’t igniting that excitement within. I’m currently reading To Infinity – Jane Hawkin’s Story with Stephen. Its a wonderful story, I loved the film and I’m about half way through now.  Slow and steady. I’m after a few good ready for my summer holiday at the end of August. I welcome ANY suggestions. I like crime, romance, not so much on the history and I’ve read most of the classics, I like chick-flics and true stories. I think I need to redefine my niche!
There we go then, finally I got to 7!
Now on to the fun part –

FOUR. Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them: 

My three nominations for very inspiring blogs are:

  • A Linguist’s Journey – My learning has slacked somewhat recently and every time I check my reader I see another post about something new. I admire anyone who learns lan learns a language let alone someone who has ideas to tackle 8! I wish I had your drive for learning and your commitment!
  • The Ninth Life – Yesterday I Was, Today I Am, and Tomorrow I Shall Be… I can’t quite remember how I managed to come across this blog but I am so glad that I did. I actually think we are scarily similar too. Her posts are so varied and so inspirational. I think I’ve read everything on her site and could quite happily read it all again. You know when you get that feeling that someone is just a lovely person? I get this feeling from her!
  • Bitterballenbruid – I’ve followed Hayley since I started blogging about all things Dutch. With a name like Bitterballenbruid theres no question as to why I LOVE her blog. I can relate to so much of her blog and always learn something new. Never stop blogging Hayley you alway put a smile on my face when I’m missing those Orange Lands!

Gefeliciteerd! Ik ben jarig!

Bloging, blogging, blog, blog, blog…Ok so its not my actual Birthday, in fact its nobodies birthday. Most of you that have followed this blog for a while will know its not my actual Birthday – thats in March incase you are wondering ;). Today marks my 3rd Anniversary on WordPress. Love it or hate it its the in thing at the moment and EVERYONE seems to be doing it. Some people are even making a hell of a lot of money from it. What is it about putting your life online that a. makes us do it and b. makes us want to read it? Its a rhetorical question as I still don’t actually have and answer for that just yet.


What was once designed as a Harvard based connection platform for students, Facebook, is now a worldwide social media site that EVERYONE and the dog has a profile on –  Literally the dog of God has a Facebook Profile. On this system we are able to connect with hundreds thousands of people all across the country and across the world at the click of a button. And its the same with this blog. There is a blog for EVERYTHING, some more professional that others but all of them different and covering a very different point of view, most of my adult life so far has revoked around asking the internet about the things I should know but don’t. I’ve been working on this blog and contributing to it for a long time now. It has grown in size, topic, diversity and style. My blogging has taken me into realms I would never have thought of too. For example I’m a regular contributor to The Dutch Review, I’ve just written my first piece for a new online magazine coming out very very soon (don’t worry I’ll keep you all posted), I have made friends with people all over the world and I am more than happy to announce that my blog has been read in EVERY country in the world!

I’ve been blogging for 3 years, Dutching for 12 months and can’t even imagine whats next. I just wanted to mark the occasion and say a big big thank you to everyone, to all of my new friends, all of my readers those who are new and those who’ve been reading my ramblings for the last 3 years and to everyone who have come across my blog and lingered for a moment or two.

Keep reading, keep following and watch this space for more!

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 19.18.35

Another Greek bail out – Rutte’s political suicide?

Coat_of_arms_of_GreeceAfter extensive 17 hour talks at the Summit eurozone leaders have agreed to a THIRD bail out for the Geeks. The full report of the terms and conditions of the arrangement can be found here. In ball park figures this is a package worth around €82bn-€86bn. Thats a hell of a lot of money! There are many t’s&c’s to this deal and huge reforms have to be in place from as early at the TODAY but the question on the table now is – is the rest of the eurozone happy about it? To be specific – is this THIRD offering of money making eurozone leaders unfavourable with their fellow country men and women. Prime Minister Mark Rutte made a bold claim in his 2013 election priorities that he would not let the Netherlands be a part of such deals after Greece failed to reform after the first 2 bail outs. However since talks he has backed down and, possibly without choice, agreed for The Netherlands to be a part of the handout. This is not the end of his bold statements claiming, on Monday, that “any money for Greece will not affect the Dutch budget and there will not need to be any additional cuts in public spending.” I’m not too sure how he’s planning that one! The majority of the money will come from the European Stability Mechenims (yep I’d never heard of that before either!) with contributions from the IMF from early next year. Greece’s debt is 176% of their economy, almost 100% more than The Netherlands 73.5% unemployment in Greece is the highest in Europe with 1 in 2 young people without a job compared to 7.2% in The Netherlands and figures suggest that Germany would come out the worst from a Greek exit but Slovenia is most at risk should the Greeks eventually go under as 2.6% of their economy is tied up in their debt.

Mark Rutte with UK MP David Cameron

Mark Rutte with UK MP David Cameron

So my question is this – Has Mark Rutte committed political suicide by agreeing to it? Currently in coalition with Labour the VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democarcy) aren’t in the strongest position to bat these claims away. An outcome had to be reach and if we are asking out ‘brightest and best’ eurozone leaders to debate this then surely their decision was the best offer (?). The Greeks have had a very good life up to now with little controls over taxation (1/5 of Greek transactions are done on the black market making no contributions to the government) and savings. The Greek laid back atmosphere is widely known across Europe and the rest of the world, especially now with English media portraying them as jokers who want to carry on on this downward spiral they have seemingly brought upon themselves. The people of Greece voted ‘Oxi’ in the recent referendum, to stay in the Euro but on different terms. 20150703_Greek_Referendum_Demonstration_for_NO_syntagma_square_Athens_GreeceThe big debate for some people in the UK is the amount of money spent on foreign aid, sent out to Europe, given to countries believed to be in a poorer position that ourselves and its the same in the Netherlands. The UK Prime Minister David Cameron is in talks to renegotiate our deal with Europe ahead of a UK referendum in 2017. People want their money staying in their own country. Is this a side effect to being a part of the Eurozone? Can more money really help Greece and if its down to the stricter terms and conditions why weren’t these agreed in Bail Out No.1? Rutte is strong in his justification for being a part of the bail out but is still not ruling out an exit from the Greek’s in the future. As much as he has stepped backwards on his promise he has been strong in doing so quoted by ITV news as saying “there is no other choice, they must be ready to accept deep reforms.” These decisions haven’t been taken lightly by anybody and if the Dutch have to be a part of it I am sure they will ensure its success but will the Dutch voters remember this when the go to the polls in 2017?


Isn’t he handsome!! Photographed her with (then Queen) Princess Beatrix

The importance of tea – A storm in a tea cup?

How you take it, for the purpose of this post, is irrelevant (although if you’re one of these that has more milk than water and half a pound of sugar you need to reassess your life choices!)


Standard hangover cure after a particularly heavy night!

Tea sooths the soul; answers the questions when you don’t know what to say and poses as a perfect accompaniment to cake and gossip with friends. Full of natural anti-oxidants it’s the perfect beverage in terms of rehydration too! Be it black tea, fruit tea or some other strange concoction they are producing these days we can’t get enough of the stuff. Tea is an important English accompaniment to life, it’s the fuel of strength and fortitude (it can also be made to sound like a wonder drug too! In fact in my family tea can literally save or cure anything!)

Why is it important to me? I start and end my day with a cup. Come rain or shine I’m not myself until I’ve had at least one cup. On weekends I treat myself to pot full! Nothing beats my mom’s tea. I make it exactly the same way but it never quite tastes the same. Everyone has a different way of making tea and everyone tastes differently, for example my grandmothers is totally different to my moms and I would be able to spot it blindfolded but I love both equally as much.


I take my tea very seriously and have been known to judge people by their tea making abilities and the cleanliness of their house will dictate my acceptance to an offer. There’s nothing worse than a dirty cup or a thick heavy mug. Oh and a little tip, if you don’t know how to make a good cup of tea, be honest about it, any self respecting tea drinker would much rather make it themselves than be handed a crap cuppa!

With English Breakfast Tea – it has to be twinings – half a spoon of sugar and a splash of milk.IMG_1076

As for Earl / Lady Grey tea I don’t like that too strong and it has to be drunk hot. There is nothing worse than luke warm tea and absolutely nothing worse than luke warm Earl Grey!

Dutch Tea – Pickwicks of course. It’s the subtle hint of orange that’s so special. If I need an extra little pick me up I add a little sugar, it lifts the flavor. The Dutch being expert blenders have really hit on to a winner with this one. Not sold in the UK and only in selected AH across the Netherlands, trust me I’ve hunted for it and I try to never let my stocks run too low.

I’m currently working my way through the different variations but I must admit I’m a little slow on the fruity ones. Current high rankers include Rooibos – Twinings Golden Caramel Rooibos is an absolute fave but only taken on special occasions and Chocolate Tea – doesn’t really taste anything like chocolate so in that sense its definitely false advertising.

All my best decision are made with a cup of tea in hand (it helps if I happen to be sat on the floor too but we’ll over look that). If in doubt put the kettle on. Tea is the medicine you don’t need a prescription for. It puts a smile on peoples faces and when made just right I think it could provide the fuel to the decision making that could change the world.


p.s. Whilst putting together this post I realised that I seam to tai quite a few photographs of tea too! If you follow me on instagram you are guaranteed at least a weekly photo of my tea :)

What did the teapot say to his lover? Oh Darjeeling!

What do lady teapots wear? A string of Earls!  

The thin line between what you want to say and what you actually say!

There is a thin line between getting something right and getting something completely wrong and Dutch, being the lovely guttural language that it is has its fair share! I had a comment recently on my blog asking if I was a hedgehog. Alas my prickles and love for rolling in leaves make me an over grown child not a garden loving creature who roams about in the dead of night. Just for the record I don’t actually have prickles!

I’ve spoken a lot before about mistakes Dutch people make in English so i thought it was only fair to repay the insult and discuss the subtle but embarrassing mistakes we make when trying to drag our selves around The Netherlands.

Animal-memes-hedgehog-in-a-baking-traySpot the difference:

ben jij egels? – Are you a hedgehog? 

ben jij engels? – Are you english? 

Another one:

Ik ben hete Maria – I am hot Maria  – This was my first attempt at introducing myself. It was subtly laughed off at the time as apparently its a common mistake!

What I meant to say (obvs): Ik ben heet Maria – I am called Maria 

Now to the uneducated Dutch learning British gal these sentences sound exactly the same.

Ik hou van vis – I like fish

Ik hou van vies – I like it dirty

I’m not one to just judge, maybe there is a use for both sentences in some peoples vocabulary ;)

So there we have it. The difference can be a vowel, or simply the pronunciation of it. There are hundreds of mistakes easily made in Dutch many more than I can’t remember right now, maybe helped with the fact that autocorrect changes what we mean if the dictionary is or isn’t activated or if we get the pronunciations of our vowels a little off. Its these are the mistakes that are worth making rather than getting tenses mixed up which is simply frustrating. Inspiration came from a hilarious little video The Dutch Review had on the bottom of one of their posts last week! Check it out!