Eurovision: Trijntje fails to make the final

How upset must she bed. Trijntje Oostehuis has failed to make it through to Saturday’s final of The Eurovision Song Contest.

The Telegraaf have released a statement from her saying she was ‘very disappointed’. I’m sad for her too. I have talked about the Dutch entry before. I really liked the song too.  The Netherlands have upped their game over the last 2 years and I thought they could at least make the final this year. Unfortunately that wasn’t too be.

Trijntje made it in the news this week for other more shallow and, in my opinion, irrelevant reasons. Her dress. In a statement her self she commented on the fact that it should be about her voice and the song rather than her dress. The gorgeous Trijntje had wore a black dress which was rather low cut at the front to one of the rehearsal shows. Below is a picture of ‘the dress’.


Now in the celebrity soak culture we live in we are surrounded by gorgeous celebrities who wear little to NO clothes to functions, did you see the met gala photos? I don’t think this dress is in any way too much. She looks stunning! She has worn 3 different outfits to perform in. With a body like that and a voice like her’s you would think she had it in the bag. Last nights first semifinal saw her loose out on getting a place. It did however see her in a very different outfit. The Telegraaf quote her saying “Ik wilde gaan voor iets waar ik me ‘comfortable’ in voel. Ik kan geen hakken dragen, dan moet je dat ook echt niet doen. Misschien was het een inschattingsfout, maar ik vind gewoon dat het gaat over hoe je zingt.” – I can’t disagree, comfortability is key, I hear you sister about not wearing heels! Hell your Dutch, put your jeans on and polish the toes of your brogues!

However, I’ll say it because we’re all thinking it. If she had not have been affected by the negative dress coverage of her outfit choice why did she compete in this outfit?

473881444I’m not sure if the ‘Aladdin’ look was deemed better than the tight, low cut, figure hugging dress. If you ask me – it was that that lost her the votes! Sex sells. We know this. The celebrity culture has taught us this.

There has been comments made that the song wasn’t catchy enough, its wasn’t Dutch enough, it wasn’t put together professionally enough…everyone is the critic from their own home!

Trijnte has an amazing voice, and an amazing figure, and I’m pretty gutted that she didn’t get chance to get into the final.

NL to vaccinate boys against HPV

IMG_2469What feels like many moons ago I wrote my final university dissertation on the media’s influence in women taking the HPV Vaccine in 2008. This piece of research took me around 9 months to research and write. Now slightly skimming over the particulars but highlighting the fact that I got a First Class Mark and won the Plender Prize for the best undergraduate dissertation written in the Faculty, I’d say it makes me pretty clued up on the facts with regards to Cervical Cancer and the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). – “Why are you going on about this?” I hear you cry.

In the news recently a study from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) found that vaccinating boys against the HPV virus, which causes cervical cancer in women, protects them against developing cancers in later years. This has sparked my attention as it was one of the conclusions I came to in my research.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 18.10.59The Human Papilloma Virus is responsible for different types of cancers in both men and women. For my research, in terms of Cervical Cancer, the disease is contracted via intercourse. In the UK and around the world a vaccine has been developed which dramatically reduces the chances of getting Cervical Cancer and to some extent can prevent it completely. The vaccine is designed to be given to girls before they become sexually active (around 12/13 years old). This vaccine was a big hit in the UK and in Australia where it was first administered. My research looked at girls’ attitudes towards the injections but an undeniable part of my research findings lead me to question other ways in which preventable diseases can be prevented.

Low and behold : The Dutch!

Not only have the VU discovered an indirect link protecting men from HPV which can lead to other forms of cancer such as throat cancer but…

When 60% of girls are vaccinated, as has been the case in the Netherlands, the risk that heterosexual men will be infected with HPV goes down by 53%, the researchers say.

How amazing is that finding! By extending the vaccination program to boys you are stopping the virus before it is being spread and therefore needed to be prevented in girls. There are many ethical considerations with regards to these vaccines. You can argue that 60% take up by girls isn’t enough, I did in my research and found that the reasons for this lay within the media, and parental opinions and experiences. You can argue that boys wouldn’t want the vaccine and the take up would be even lower and the administration would therefore be too high. However you could argue that if the risk to men goes down so dramatically the benefits far out away the cost of the injection. What price do you put on a prevention of Cervical, Throat, Anal and many other types of cancer? €100? €200?

Australia are already doing it. The UK, I hope, will be following suit and I am so happy to see that the vaccination programme to be extended to boys is on the agenda at the ministry’s advisory health council for The Netherlands.
Prevention is better than cure. I am a firm believer in that and I think that the amount of money that is put into finding cures and preventative methods for diseases such as cancer is only worth it if we take head of them. I had the HPV injection in 2008. To me it was a ‘no-brainer’. I just hope that others will start to see that benefit of these preventative methods and protect themselves, other women and our children.

So here is my plea to you – Girls go out and get the jab. You can have it up to the age of 18. If you haven’t had it yet I would urge you to look into it. Boys, if its offered – take it!  Protect yourself and protect us women! Its 3 injections in 12 months. It could save your life!


Why is Holland one of the happiest countries in the world…my take!

So there is the great article in The Independent currently doing the rounds. Its been popping up on my Facebook newsfeed and a friend even posted it on my wall – I think my infatuation with The Netherlands has reached a whole never level. I love it!

How part-time work and exercise may explain why Holland is one of the happiest countries in the world

I’ve touched upon Holland being one of the happiest countries before. A recent survey even said that 84% of expats rate their quality of life in the Netherlands as good to great. So why is it? Why is Holland one of the happiest places? Is it the legalisation of mood enhancing drugs? The freedom of sexuality? The general acceptance to drink small cups of beer all day? The bitterballen? Cant a fried ball of meat be the reason?

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Over on The Dutch Review this week I have shared my experiences in Leaning Dutch. Head over there and check it out!

I could quite comfortably write reams and reams on this topic therefore I thought limiting myself wasn’t such a bad idea. In this post I am going to talk about 5 English responses and 5 Dutch responses you can expect when you tell someone you are learning Dutch. These are genuine responses I have had from people when they’ve found out that I’m attempting to learn, and I quote, “Freaky Deeky Dutch”.


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Here my article that ended up on The Dutch Review whilst I was in Breda a few weeks back. If you haven’t checked it out already you should have and I’m a little disappointed but don’t worry, all is not lost. You can read it all on the site now!

I’ve been frequenting The Orange Lands for a good many years now and when I first went over I had very little idea of what to expect. In this post I am going to share with you the things that I wish they told me from day 1! The Netherlands doesn’t come with a handbook, let’s face it, that’s why you are reading this right now!

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I’ve got a confession…

I haven’t done any Dutch for…wait for it…7 weeks tomorrow. How bad is that?!

Even I’m appalled. Apart from my flirtation with the language in Breda the other week I haven’t even looked at it. Two reasons:

1. I haven’t had the actual time. When I’ve not been in work I’ve been unconscious trying to catch up on sleep.

2. I’ve lost my motivation! This is what upsets me most. I’m putting reason No.2 down to reason No.1.

One fuels the other and as I’m lacking both right now theres no massive surprise I’m finding it difficult. My ‘other life’ is demanding a little more focus than my Dutch one at the moment.


Suggestions in getting my mojo back? Any thing? Any offers? My current plan involved the translation of Jip en Janneke Book1. For a children’s book its pretty intense and although I am vehemently against writing in books I am prepared to see this book as a learning tool. Lets face it I haven’t had time to read the 4 other new books that have been sat on my book shelf for the last 4 months! Maybe when work gets a little quieter…like that is going to happen for a while! So yeah if you have any suggestions or input into getting my Dutch-mojo back let me know! Until then I’ll be sat with my Dutch buddies Jip en Janneke, a dictionary, a pencil and a highlighter.

A *busy* week in my ‘normal life’

So this week has been ridiculously busy for me as you may or may not have known. I know this isn’t my usual type of post but I feel that now my hectic life has reached its peak I would fill you all in on things. With my return to the Orange Low Lands less that two weeks again one must up her game!

In my non-Dutch dominated life I work for a major UK Political Party and this week has been the 2015 General Election. For me this has meant working literally 24hr days! After returning from Holland on Monday evening I was back in the swing of things before 8am Tuesday morning.

Polling Day came round and Thursday started with a 0430 alarm and on station for 0500. Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 17.06.50

I am a big ‘Women’s Rights’ advocate. Its just something I feel strongly about. I have been on the receiving end of gender discrimination especially working in the field that I do. At the same time I genuinely believe that voting is important and if you have the right to vote I can’t understand why you wouldn’t you use it?! After many hour spent watching Mary Poppins as a child I have been introduced to the Suffragettes. I think in a past life I would have taken that route. I couldn’t help but quote a Poppins tune!

The day went on and I didn’t return to my bed until some 27 hours later. The area I work in won the seat along with helping to secure a majority government. All in all it was an amazing day. A very tiring but amazing day! I think I was on my ‘second wind’ as they say. I had gone through the wall of tiredness and well and truly out the other side. It was an emotional night when the votes where counted. I watched the results all around the country to see how my colleagues where getting on and there where many gains as well as a few losses. I got home as the sun rose and had some breakfast before hitting the hay in a semi-comatosed state. I think I could have slept forever. Instead I had 4 hours before heading back to to continue the count for the local council.

As expected EVERYONE on Facebook and Twitter became political activists and my timeline was littered with a mixture of opinions from both the left and the right side of the political spectrum. Personally I didn’t realise just how many people where as politically opinionated as that until I realised that the majority of them didn’t know what they where talking about!! Everyone has an opinion, i myself am very rarely lost for an opinion so naturally I had my say.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 17.30.52

The point I was hoping to make was that this years turn out was one of the highest ever. Some 66% of the British people took to the Polls and voted. How incredible was that! Every vote counted and I guess if the result had gone against us I would have been disappointed but what got me most about all of this was the undermining of the result. Over half of the population voted and if we can’t stop and listen to their choice then what is the point in having an election at all. On polling day I urged people to go out and vote, when the result was in some people weren’t happy. Did they even vote?! With elections you will never please anyone. I realised this as I posted my #ObligatoryElectionAnalysis.

After “Election Indigestion” I was grateful for a day of normality and off I went to see Dirty Dancing – I really did have the ‘time of my life’, ‘I’ve never felt this way before, I swear’. Sorry I couldn’t resist. It was amazing. I even got a cheeky wink off Jonny Castle ;) well thats what I’m telling myself anyway. Those hips could wiggle my way any day!!

Yesterday also marked our 70th VE Day Anniversary. After observing the silence in Holland back on Monday I have seen each day the world mark their anniversary celebrations. Yesterday was our turn. There was a concert, a 2 minute silence and lots of other lovely patriotic events throughout. The show was amazing. Whilst watching the show a news story broke that got my blood boiling – “Vandals daub graffiti on war memorial“. On the 70th Anniversary of VE Day in the UK anti-austerity protest groups (lefties) thought it was a good idea to deface the ‘Women of World War II” Memorial statue on Whitehall. Now I don’t care what political party to follow or how upset or dissatisfied you are with election results but what sickness goes through you head to deface a war memorial is beyond me. These cenotaphs and memorials are there for two reasons, as a reminder of our heritage and the sacrifices made by many for our lives now and as a headstone for those millions of people who don’t have a proper grave  because their bodies never made it back onto home soil. Not only is it disgusting but disrespectful to those who served and gave their lives for us. The people responsible were protesting against an election in which 66% of the population had their say. Why are people continuing to undermine the opinions of more than half of the UK! If the only way you can show your upset is by defacing a war memorial I’m glad their political leanings didn’t win. Respect costs nothing.

There was an incredibly well written argument on The Independent, written by Lewis Barber – “With the left this belligerent and self-righteous, is it any wonder that so many of us are ‘shy’ tories?” His argument are very well put across. One point he made which is worth noting:

If it’s not worth the effort to argue on social media, and on campuses supporting the Tories is seen as taboo, no wonder being a Tory is a secret kept close to people’s chest. At the end of the day, petitions written in capitals and idealistic statuses liked by 30 left wing friends do not win you majorities. Clear, coherent and sustainable policies do and that is why more people voted for the Conservatives than any other party yesterday.

As a friend’s mum said, “I’m very happy the country is apparently more intelligent than social media makes it seem.”

I’ll be back on the Dutch this week – my Jip en Janneke book will remain in my handbag at all times! Ik kan niet wachten en kijk ik naar uit!! 

Dear Diary – Day 4

Today marks the last day of my little trip. Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 have been eventful as ever, that it makes leaving my second home so difficult.

In the hotel this morning we walked past 5 more open bedroom doors. We have officially come to the conclusion that it was a hotel made friendly to people with varied tastes. Most definitely bed-hoppers! Why else would the doors be half ajar? I tried to peak in one – shoot me for my curiosity or whatever but I couldn’t see anything. More to the pitty ;)

CockeralChecking out was effortlessly and before I have even left the reception desk and a ‘Thanks for Your Stay’ email was flashing in my hand. Nice touch Bastion Hotel Group! So we jumped on the train into Breda after running down the steps as if our life depended on it. The train we wanted was in the station and we wanted on it – somehow we managed to get it literally by the skin of our teeth. We wondered the streets desperate for food, past the cockerels in the park. From the amount of alcohol consumed on very little food yesterday a large breakfast was required. We sat op de terrace of De Colonie for a good ten minutes and nobody came for our order so we upped and left to the Inspire Coffee Company. I just love it in there! If you ever find yourself in Breda please go and visit!

We shopped and wondered around for a good few hours around Breda. More lipsticks and clothes where nicely purchased too. Hema has become our favourite place. I’ve shopped in stores I probably wouldn’t have visited without Layla. It has been a varied shopping experience and not really an expensive one either!


IMG_7656We wondered the streets a little more after breaking for a chocomel in the intermittent sunshine. Even managed to waste an hour staring at the cyclists and admired their bottoms as well as their bicycles. The weather was perfect for it – sitting on the terrace that, is not ogling peoples bottoms (handy tip: sunglasses hide where your eyes are looking very well ;)).

We circumnavigated the Netherlands back north up to Schiphol. Layla’s iPod provided the soundtrack – we went from Mr Sheeran to rave music to a nice bit of the Mumfords. She likes to keep things varied around here and there was no complaints from me. The journey back wasn’t too bad. It was a lot quicker than the one from the airport on Friday! We stopped for petrol and Layla put that silly plastic glove on. Who does that?! I don’t get it. Its not a Dutch thing either because I couldn’t see anyone else doing it.

In other news…Layla was introduced to her very first Whopper Burger at BK.

I love people watching. Like really love it. My observations today from Schiphol departures…

Everyone is very relaxed. I suppose that’s because they are all going somewhere nice if they are sat in the airport.

The women here, at least the majority of the ones I’ve seen around me, don’t seem to bother too much with makeup. It goes back to my point before about casual being ok all the time. I’ am currently road testing a matte balm and a long lasting gloss from Hema (purchased today). Make up doesn’t seem to be high on the agenda of Dutch girls. It’s not like they need it. They embrace their au natural look. They are comfy in their own style, their own bodies, it’s quite refreshing to see. Its probably easy to be like that when you are all so beautiful – the men too! aa46884eddcd415959ccc59e9e07acfb
Obviously this is all helped with there tallness, tight legs, firm bottoms from the cycling and of course their diet high in dairy making their skin and hair much better. The women here just seem so comfortable and the men accept that too. I’m putting it down to all of the Dutch Mama’s for bringing up their little boys so well. (Sidenote to all you Dutches – its Mothers Day on the 10th May – don’t forget to treat your Mama!)

The women are strong and independent and the men compliment that. It’s good. I like it. They are just enough of a gentleman to compliment the women. It’s a dynamic that really works in Holland.

The people here are clean too. As we sat in BK everyone cleared their own tables, any rubbish that was accidentally dropped was instantly picked up. Possibly due to the high turn over of people here in Departures every empty chair and table is replaced super quickly. Schiphol is ALWAYS clean though, personally I’ve never seen it a mess. The new departures lounge that they are working on needs some loving tho. I wasn’t too impressed with the wooden pop up shops!

At 20:00 Schiphol stopped. Completely. Everyone stood still, planes didn’t land, radio announcements stopped. Today is Dutch Remembrance Day this year marking its 70th Anniversary. The KLM staff by came from their offices and stood together in a line, heads bowed. Like dolls they stood in line pristinely turned out and all worthy of the prestigious blue twinset. People from all over the world and of every nationality stopped moving and stopped talking. The Last Post was played over the PA and then the silence began. To mark its end the joyous sounds of the Dutch National Anthem rang out all around and the world started moving again. It was a surreal and moving two minutes to be a part of something that is so special to the Dutch and so important to their culture. Similar to our November 11th Remembrance Day in the UK its a patriotic thing, and heartwarming moment to just stop and take note and most of all to remember.

Our last port of call and where I will end this post is in Starbucks. We are ready to board now, suitably fuelled with Coffee and Cinnamon Swirls. We are ready to go. The sun has set in The Netherlands and as I sit here typing all this up I am sad to be leaving but excited for my return in just 3 weeks! I have had a great weekend and I hope if you’ve followed all of my reports about it you will already know that.IMG_7657

A summary of the statistics:

  • 400km traveled in and around The Netherlands
  • 2 packets of car sweats eaten
  • About 5 bottles of wine/Prosecco drank
  • 55,351 steps!
  • 2 new lipsticks
  • 2 new tops
  • Pair of Shoes
  • A Jip en Janekke book purchased

Holland – a pleasure as always. 

Dear Diary – Day 3

Goedenavond Schatjes,

So we are on Day 3 of 4 and we are really starting to get the hang of being ‘locals’. Day 1 and Day 2 have been received really well by you so here is Day Number 3!  I have been mistaken for a local twice today, ordered my lunch in broken Dutch and paid for my shopping in Dutch too. Not bad going for a Sunday afternoon.

Orange JuiceFor breakfast we visited our local Jumbo. We couldn’t park on the AH and due to not fully understanding the parking signs, we didn’t take the risk when the big yellow building round the corner was calling our name. Breakfast was Brioche and freshly squeezed orange juice. How do I know it was freshly squeezed? Because I did it! Yep, there is a machine in Jumbo and a rack of clear bottles you can squeeze your own juice. How amazing is that!

We have house hunted a total of 15 streets up and down the south of Holland. Some where gorgeous and some where god-awful. We toured Dordrecht at lunch time, partook in a little retail therapy, tried on novelty sunglasses and ogled over half price stationary.

House Hunting

It was shortly after this that I got mistaken for a local, his exact phrase was “are you well known around here?” What I think he may have meant was ‘Do you know your way around here?’ as he went on to talk something about a pasta restaurant or something. I made my apologies and we both went on with out day.IMG_7633

We took lunch in Dordrecht at – Dordts Genoegen. We ordered in our broken Dutch but the waitress understood me and we happily passed a few hours away chatting and making use of their Gratis Wifi! Krokettens where consumed and several diet cokes where sank too. The food was amazing although I’m not too sure I was all that taken on the egg they put on my club sandwich! Oh well – When in Holland one must go Dutch! We scouted around for more houses in the Centre of town but they weren’t the nicest.


Dordrecht seemed to be in two very separate groups, lovely and quaint or shifty and unnerving. We swiftly made our exit back to Breda to search for more near Prinsenbeek. We have decided its our favorite area that was after Layla nearly ran over the Dominos Pizza Delivery Guy! Cyclists in the Netherlands don’t wear helmets to cycle, we wondered why this guy did – maybe his cycling is more questionable than Layla’s driving.

Dordrecht grafiti

The driving thing now has become very second nature to Layla – she worried about it before we got here but now she’s very much driving like a local! We saw a guy enact her worse nightmare and start to drive up the slip road off the motorway. It could have been catastrophic but when we drove past the same junction some moments later there was no sign of him or police therefore I think he escaped with a quick little 3-point-turn back to safety.


Tonight we decided to go bowling. It turns out that there is nothing to do in walking distance form our hotel apart from bowling and all restaurants close at 9pm! How does that work? SO off we went to the DisoBowlen in Prinsenbeek. We got into our professional stride rather quickly. I think it had something to do with the two plastic cups of Chenin Blanc we drank whilst walking. A round of drinks later and the odd strike here and there we where professionals! I had even developed my victory dance which you can see a photo of on my tagged instagram pictures. Layla’s technique involved a very deep lunge. Mine was more of a curtsey. We had a devastating incident with a bottle of Prosecco. At DiscoBowling a bottle of Prosecco was only €20! We asked for a bottle and there was none cold. He chilled a bottle whilst we sank another two classes of witte wijn. After struggling and breakin the cork he resigned to the fact that the prosecco was out of the question. At our table was so complimentary glasses of wine. We didn’t moan!


We don’t know the score. Layla recons she won the first game but I haven’t a clue. Maybe she did. Maybe she didn’t. She probably did though, I was shit! After our game had finished we went to the bar and discussed with the bowling man and his friend the houses we had looked at today and the good areas around Breda. It was around that time that I found out I had had another article published on the Dutch Review – you can read that here! Whilst asually surfing the net and updating instagram Nielson came on the jukebox – OBVIOUSLY I sang along and whilst Layal was in the bathroom the Bowling man looked at me a little strangely.

Man: “You are singing in Dutch”

Me: “Yeah, its Nielson I’ve got his album”

Man: “ There are worse people to listen to. Do you know what you’re singing?”

Me: “Yeah. He sings clearly with simple Dutch”.

Boom! Our shitty Englishness went out the way and I like to think we came out of there a little bit cooler than we went in. We definitely came out a little drunker than we went in. That drunk that getting a Mars Bar out of the vending machine was an exciting thing!

Oh and we have come to the idea that our hotel is one for “Swingers”. Here’s out thought path – Room No. 1 on our floor, No.48 and No.55 have their doors on the catch. That’s weird! Why would you leave your door open? After hearing a fellow resident asked Reception of tin foil we have remained a little on edge.

Ik denk dat vanavond was heel erg leuke. De bowlen was leuke. De wijn was leuk en de mensen zijn leuk! Het was heel success! – Yes we have drank too much. Life is too short! Its back to reality tomorrow night. This is our last responsibility-free day!

Dear Diary – Day 2

Now if you haven’t read Dear Diary – Day 1. I would suggest you read that first, its sets the premise for most the todays unfortunate and comical event.

Day Two took off with a bang! IMG_7576We took part in a morning recreational Pilates class curtsey of Dutch Exercise TV! The guy on before the woman in my photo was doing a strange chicken dance with two bottles of water clutched to his chest. I am sure at one point he said ‘flesje wijn’ when he quite clearly meant water! Cheeky! I would have taken a photo of him if I hadn’t been so excited to join in!

I had an awful incident with a cup of tea this morning too! When the coffee creamer and sugar is identical looking packaging mistakes will me made! If you are ever in Breda, you need to visit Inspire Coffee Company. Oh my goodness, the outside doesn’t do it justice. We had breakfast there. The inside it like a bookshop crossed with a mismatched brick-a-brack shop. I’m a fan of the humble Gingerbread latte…move over Costa Coffee, you’ve got a lot to learn!

IMG_7579 IMG_7578

We found crowns in Breda too. I think every day should start with wearing a crown. Layla’s didn’t fit as well as mine…obviously! Although we did find her a tiara.


King and Queen!! I think it should be law for everyone fabulous to wear a crown, even if its just a plastic one!

Our little trip to Hema came with the excitement of Jip and Janneke books too! I have officially purchased my first one!! Woohoo! Did you know they do Jip and Janekke toiletries, wipes, cutlery, bowls, plates etc. You can Jip-And-Janekke your entire life from one store!!

Jip en Janneke! I brought Book 1. Its hard going!!

Jip en Janneke! I brought Book 1. Its hard going!!

House hunting went into full swing when we stalked an empty house just outside of Breda. After walking up the very small very quiet close a few times we had a little help from a man fixing his drive who gave us all of the information of the house in question. The neighbours of the house where interesting folk. The Drive Maker and his Wife shared all of the details of their neighbours with us. On the otherside was a lovely old chap who, when we walked around the back of the houses to the little stretch of water, we saw him hovering his lawn. Yep. He wasn’t using a garden hover but a house hover. I did try to take a photograph of him but I really struggled without making it look so obvious!!

With only the remaining Sauvignon Blanc in the mini bar our popped back to the hotel for an afternoon of plastic cups and wine. There are worse ways to spend a saturday afternoon in Breda!


This was how the bill came! Cute little pot or what!

This evening we ventured to on the Sprinter Train back into Breda for dinner with Friends. After trying to use my hotel room key instead of my train chip card we finally made it to the gorgeous little italian restaurant – Griasole.

About 5 glasses of Prosecco later and a meal to die for we ended the night of giggles with a night cap back at the hotel. Gino even turned down my bed for me after moaning I’d booked a shit hotel.

Now I’m sat up in bed writing this, Layla has gone to sleep and the Boys have gone home. It has been another busy but lovely day, I need to rest my face from so much laughing!


My ‘turn down service’ curtesy of Gino Jordens ;) Loving the 2 peppermints and a sachet of Coffee Creamer!