Term 2 Lesson 7!


Ik heb niet een post schrijven voor een maand in het Nederlands daarom het post vandaag is een les review en het is geschreven in het Nederlands ook!

Gisteravond de les was leuk. Het was erg praktisch. Wij oefenden een supermarkt, een restaurant, en het kopen treinkaartjes. Wij hadden ook een generaal conversatie,  veel praten met allemaal in de class.  Heir is een voorbeeld:

Naar de supermarkt

Ik ga naar de supermarkt en ik koop…

melk, rode wijn, edammer kaas, spruitjes, rundvlees enz.

Hoe kan ik u helpen? Wat wilt u kopen?

Hallo. Ik wil graag…kopen.

Hoeveel kost dit?

Heeft u iets goedkopers? Want dit is te duur.

Kan ik met mijn pin pas betalen?


Het was een leuke les!

12 days later….

So its appears that I haven’t blogged for very nearly two weeks. Wow! Thats a long time for me. So yes that does mean that I haven’t done any Dutch either.  I don’t really feel on top of things in all honesty. We had a half term at College the week before last so we missed a class and last week I had flu, this intense body crippling flu that left me in bed for two days so I missed last Wednesday’s class.

These days I don’t get sick that often but when I do it seems to smack me right in the face.

I’m back at college tomorrow night and thankfully I’m only working the afternoon so I should have time for a little recap. My last lesson is 18th March. I don’t even know what I’m doing afterwards. I’m in a very contemplative mood at the moment if you couldn’t already tell.

I’ll pick up the blogging, I promise.

Vasten. Aswoensdag

I’m not exactly a religious person by any means but I’ve been brought up as a Christian and therefore I tend to wake up a little around this time of the year and observe Lent. Therefore I felt the need to write about it and do a little research into what the Dutch do for Vasten aka Lent. 

Upon doing some research into Lent and The Netherlands I turned to my trusted site; DutchNews.nl and found this tiny article from 2007

Some 5% of the Dutch plan to give up something for Lent, the Christian tradition of contemplation in the 40 days preceding Easter which begins today. Of those 31% will forsake sweet things, 20% give up alcohol and 19% become temporary vegetarians.

The last few years, rather than give something up, I have taken something up. 40 days is long enough to try something new. For example last year I “gave up” sleeping in and made myself get up pre8am every morning regardless to being at work or not. I stuck at that and got into a nice little routine.

Which  brings me on to thinking about this year. Firstly I refuse to give up chocolate or alcohol as my birthday falls in the middle of it and I’m damned if I’m not going to have chocolates and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. Secondly I don’t really have any bad habits to try and quit either.

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Term 2 Lesson 5!!


Its starting to become a habit of updating on an evening now. Last nights class was very much a tale of two halves.

Part One. Adjectives. Those pesky little description words. I have kind of covered them to death now but repetition is the key to recalling them!

I’ve jotted down 6 main sort of ‘rules’ for adjectives. Then we did 30 to really drum in the rules in practice.

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News Just in…Dutch Valentine Cards sent with a kiss!

After kicking back this afternoon with a good cuppa and an hour scrawling through the internet (youtube videos of cats on skateboards: 3, Internet Window Shopping: Check, Medical symptoms looked up and accepted the diagnosis that I am indeed not a human being: Check) I came across a story that put a right big old smile on my face. A story on www.dutchnews.nl made my heart of stone quiver.

I’m not really a romantic type and choose the stiff upper lip of British tradition to brush off any form of unnecessary soppiness but the Dutch have done it once again!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 17.36.03

Yep the Dutch have ‘kissed 500 cards with lipstick to run the tests,’ to ensure that their postal system will accept it as a valid stamp. Imaging having that as your job! (Where do I send my CV?!) If you post your valentines card before 5pm on February 13 it will arrive in time for the big day! Now come on thats cute! Even for the most heartless person to admit that is cute! According to the article some 500,000+ cards are shared on February 14th!

Disclaimer on behalf of PostNL – This is ONLY for cards sent within The Netherlands! No doubt some numpty will try it elsewhere!

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