#100HappyDaysMVS Day 1-5

We got off to a cracking start don’t you think?

Here is my days 1 – 5 in pictures.


For those more observant of you will notice there are 6 photos here. I peaked a little too early on Day 4, possibly due to a caffeine overdose, and i couldn’t not share my selfie with my beautiful best friend at the Christmas Market!!

Photos that nearly made it:

Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

As behind the times as I may be myself and a few friends are embarking on the 100 Happy Days Challenge (#100HappyDays) across the blogosphere, twitosphere and instagram-osphere (is that a thing? Tis now!).

This mean we will be blogging, instagraming and tweeting. I hope you can come along with us for the ride.

The next 100 days will take us through the festive period (you can  expect a lot of glitter in my posts), into the new year and almost to the start of spring. How wonderful.

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Get involved, join us in sharing the happiness and spreading a bit of joy in our daily lives. If you want to get involved just comment your name, blog details, instagram and twitter and we’ll all share the love! Or tag in my hashtag #100HappyDaysMVS, I do like being nosey and would love to share your happiness.

#100HappyDays #100HappyDaysMVS


Now and then it’s good to pause in the pursuit of happiness and just be happy

I want to start logging my gratitude of normal every day occurrences –  I read somewhere that the happiness tracking of all the little things in life is good for the soul and it’s these little gems in our every day lives that we forget and upon reflection can bring us so much comfort.

I know the immense benefits of happiness journaling.  When I went through a bad patch some 18 months ago I kept a journal of 3 things every day that made me happy  and although I’ve never looked back through it (once I started writing it wasn’t happiness I spoke much about) the book sits on my shelf and is a reminder of what the dark days taught me.
11390232_880236098709535_5933165512495489583_n.jpgI am mentally and physically in a better place now, happy with my life choices and chugging along in my adult life rather comfortably I thought recording my gratitude would help to cement me into a strong, more confident and more accepting place. It was this gratitude journaling that introduced me to the world of Bullet Journaling and I have genuinely never looked back.

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I wanted to share with you all some of my photos from yesterday at the Cenotaph on Whitehall.

Here is the full display and a super photo of the Wreath offered from King Willem and Queen Maxima.

The Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Day 2015

What are the 2015 Christmas adverts really trying to tell us? #DementiaFriends

Have you seen it? #ManOnTheMoon from John Lewis has taken the world by storm the past 4 days, I don’t think anyone can look at the moon right now without hoping to see a little white haired man sitting on a bench waving back. Like every year ,John Lewis gives us a heart wrenching advert that doesnt actually advertise anything they sell. This year the cost of such an advert came to £7,000,000 / €9883949 / $10585750. So thats basically £53,846 a SECOND but with 11,163,593 views in just 4 days (as of 1pm today!) the audience it reaches is magnanimous.

John Lewis are amongst the worlds best when it comes to PR and marketing. Every year their advert is hotly anticipated, we all remember Monty the Penguin, The Bear and the Hare, The Snowmen, the list goes on. It is ALWAYS memorable and the song always gets in the charts, but this year their focus isn’t on cuddly toys, or snowmen, its not a cgi movie its actually quite thought provoking. So many old people feel isolated and secluded at this time and all times of the year and ‘Show Someone They Are Loved This Christmas’ is not just about the season of good will to strangers but the need for good will to our nearest and dearest. We all have that elderly relative that it feels like a drag to visit, or that neighbor who never seems to have any visitors behind the twitching net curtain. Old people are like golddust, they know so much, they have seen so much and they have so many stories to tell but more often than not they don’t have anyone to tell these stories too. Neighbours may not be our dearest (the theme of the Christmas Advert for TK Maxx) but they are often our nearest, and although cant choose our family but we shouldn’t neglect them.

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Least we forget…

I got asked once by a very narrow minded misogynistic fellow – Is Remembrance Day that important to young people these days?

Short answer –IMG_8631

Hell yes!

Long answer –

As you may or indeed may not be aware yesterday in the UK was Remembrance Sunday, the Sunday before the 11th day of the 11th month, Remembrance Day. The day that the country falls silent at the 11th hour to remember and appreciate all of the service men and women who have fought for the freedom of the UK in wars and conflicts around the world. Remembrance day has evolved over the years to include every conflict, a chance to remember those who lost their lives in service, the families who have lost loved one, those who have come back leaving a part of them in battle and those currently out in the field who don’t know if they will have a ‘tomorrow’ – EVERYONE. So is Remembrance still important – yes it is.

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Staying off the booze is the key to staying slim: according to Dutch research

I’ve got myself into a little habit of one, pointing out the amazing scientific revelations of Dutch research and two, discussing alcohol. I am rather hoping that the impression these posts give to my readers isn’t a bad one nor does it lead anyone to believe me to have a ‘problem’.

Recently I spoke about how the ground-breaking discovery of avoiding a hangover was to not drink in the first place. Today I am going to be discussing the new discovery of the negative affects alcohol – the effect it has on ones waistline.

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On #NationalStressDay its believed that 85% of the Dutch are satisfied with their lives: My top tips for stress busting.

So yesterday was #NationalStressDay a day to raise awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing. Stress is a bit of a b*tch. I wanted to talk today about how stress has affected me and my top tips for dealing with stress.

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