We never go out of style? Ha! Style went out a long time ago!

Contrary to Miss Swifts accusations of us never going out of style one only has to look around in a crowed place to find that statement questionable.

Who defines style and where is the line between dressing appropriately and dressing fashionable? Recently I’ve been questioning if our style conscious ancestors were right or if we just get so carried away with out laid back attitude to life that dressing for the occasion doesn’t matter anymore.

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Where is the Opportunity in the OSCARS?

I’ve talked about Actors of Colour before. Can I just put out there that I’m going to refer to them as ‘Black Actors’ I don’t know if thats correct, or preferred or if someone is going to take offence (please don’t!) I’m a bit fed up with dillydallying around the semantics of it all.

Lets get into it. The Oscars 2016. At the rate it is going at the moment there won’t even be a show as EVERYONE seems to be boycotting it due to lack of diversity and colour within the categories. Its true. Its a fact. The nominations are in and all are whiter than white. But whose actual fault is it? Is it a race thing? I don’t think so. Its a lack of opportunities. You can’t win awards for characters that the writers don’t write. Queue the wonderful Viola Davis who puts it better than anyone ever good:

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The gender-divide in our wallets as well was our workplace.

The news this week has been dominated with stories of ‘the pink tax’ how cruel, unfair and downright overpriced female targeted products are but where is it going to stop? The tampon tax set by Europe means that a 5% tax on sanitary products is charged. It has been the case since the 1970s but its only been shouted about recently. Taxes are charged to ‘luxury’ items. Periods are by no means a luxury for women; it’s a biological happening that is genuinely unavoidable. The UK now gives its tax gains from feminine hygiene products to female charities which I am all for. I am also a firm believer that if this story had been the one spun to the press nobody would have opposed it let alone protest about it. A headline of “Every product you buy helps someone else” is much better than “The Tampon Tax”. It’s a similar set up to being charged for a carrier bag. The money goes to charity but that doesn’t make the front page.


Photo from Vice.com

But it’s not just about taxation on daily necessities. The news this week has decided to talk about ‘rip-off practices’, the same products aimed at men and women are substantially more expensive with a pink label. Retailers are being called to parliament to explain the price difference but I can tell you right now why the do it. We are stupid enough to let them. Watch the video of the ‘Beauty Patch’. Women will buy anything. Which i think is quiet sad. All of these women are beautiful but think that wearing a placebo patch on their arm will make them ‘beautiful’. There is nothing in the patch. Beauty is a state of mind!

Boots have now admitted their pricing is gender-squed after research looked into women razors and eye creams. Research by The Times discovered disparities across hundreds of gender-specific items, including toys, clothes and beauty products. Those marketed at women were priced  on average 37 per cent higher.

The body lotion in your bathroom doesn’t know if a man or a woman is going to be using it. The shampoo in the shower doesn’t know the different between a mans hair and a women’s. These stores are seeing the gap in the market of merchandising, fuelled by the beauty industry telling us our hair is frizzy, our face shouldn’t be wrinkled, we need aloe vera soaked blades on our razors. It’s all nonsense. Gender-neutral products don’t sell. Do you know why? Because they have plain packaging. Now I’m not talking about cheaper alternatives, I’m talking about gendered alternative. I do believe that you get what you pay for, I’ve tried cheap and I’ve tried high-end and middle of the range.mens-and-womens-razors-difference-pa I know what I’d rather be putting on my face. But the needs of products are genderless, there doesn’t need to be female razor for smooth legs when there are male razors for smooth chins. There is no need for it to be gendered. The only difference in ‘King of Shaves’ range is the price relating to the colour of the stick. The blades fit both, the shape, design and grip of the razor is identical barring the pink or black plastic and the price tag. Oh and in line with the ‘Tampon Tax’ as earlier mentioned, razors have a 20% tax on them. Which one could argue women are being taxed for having a uterus and taxed for having hair, of which the media demonises. Us women really are getting a rough deal!

We are moving into a de-gendered society, slowly, as Ms. Miller stated in a comment to the Telegraph but issues like this are often overlooked when discussing gender equality. Lets take it one step further, women are paid on average 25% less than men, yet products aimed at women come in at nearly twice the price. I don’t believe the comments of ‘additional’ or different ‘performance’ features. We are told we need them so we buy them.

A worthy note and beauty tip for the ladies, you don’t need to only use products marketed for women. For example men’s deodorants come in stronger strengths and my super tip of the day; men’s aftershave balm is a fantastic make up primer as it smooths and soothes skin as well as closes pores. Boom! Bet ya didn’t know that! Ok so you probably did.

Who really is to blame? The manufactures? The Brands? The magazines? Or the people buying them?


Should English Language tests be more widely introduced to immigrants?

This week our Prime Minister announced that tighter control was being put on those who fail to learn English after coming to Britain. Mr. Cameron spoke specifically on Muslim women and spouse visas but I think the scheme should run out to every single person on any form of visa or at any stage in the immigration process. I can’t even comprehend the counter argument to this. I’ve talked about immigration before and the acceptance of the values and expectations of having a different home country in my post about Angela Merkel, so in many ways it’s the same argument. If you come to live in the UK you should have a basic understanding of our language and our customs. The national news showed a group of women who had been living in the UK as a British citizen for anything from 45-58 years. None of them spoke any English.

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Is Chivalry Dead?

In 2016 have we lost the sense of respect for women? Have women demanded equality that much that chivalry is no longer required or just down right patronising? Is a chivalrous act merely another form of historical control or are we comfortable and stable enough in our genders to expect respect, not on the grounds of being a women but on the grounds of being a human being.

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Was Merkel Right?

I am firm believer in helping others, I think it is in my bones. I want to help, I need to help. That and I can’t stand just doing nothing! The Syrian refugee crisis is heart breaking. I cannot begin to imagine the fear and anguish of having to leave everything you own and everything you know to trek half way across the world to safety. My issue is this – of those fleeing a life of danger and unrest how many are facing genuine threat? And how many know what the country they are coming to expects of them? unrwa-syrian-refugees-1.jpg

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The name is Bond…Jane, Jason or Jamal

Craig – the blue eyed, blonde who people said was categorically NOT the right man for the infamous 007. His predecessors have all been brunettes with big brown eyes it was simply ludicrous to think that a man in his late 40s, with pale skin and piercing blue eyes could possibly do the job…or could he? So what’s next, a Bond of Colour (I’m still not sure of the PC-ness of ‘Black Bond’) or shock horror a Miss Bond or a Gay Bond?! Society’s tolerances are changing, our expectations and what we accept as ‘normal’ is changing. Is 007 challenge, should he she it choose to accept it, be to change with the times?

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Mijn 2015 Resolutie…What really happened.

Happy New Year! Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!

2015 started with such promise but fell a little flat on its face.

Voor deze blog ik heb vier resoluties.
De eerst: Blog meer, meer posts en conversatie met ander menses! – Ok so technically I’ve done this one. I blog regularly and have developed quite a good following. – Hi Everyone *waves*
No.2: Meer leren. Natuurlijk.
Yeah this one stopped after I passed level 2 due to there being no more classes.
3e: Meer praten, met mijzelf, bij anders mensen, op de telephone of Skype enz.
Because the classes stopped I forgot what to say to myself!
Tenslotte elke maand zal ik een post in het Nederlands te schrijven (ik zal proberen)!
Now I kept this up longer than I expected to be able to so I’m accepting a semi-victory on that. 
If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you’ll know that I have pledged to keep the posts coming only this time with a little less Dutch. I will however be aiming to pick up het nederlands again in 2016.
Here are my personal Resolutions:
– The standard: Loose weight. I want to loose at least 3st this year.
– By my first house on my own. Not rent or go in with someone I want my name on the deeds.
– Declutter. Become more minimalist with everything.
– Continue to blog and write a couple of times a week. I did some guest posts in online magazines last year I would love to do more of those!
– I would also like to join a choir but I think I’m a bit too shy for that to happen.

A Year in Review pt. 3 – Beauty is where you find it!

Beauty is where you find it!Sequinned hats - day3

I am by no means a beauty blogger, I couldn’t afford to do it and I don’t have the breadth of knowledge required but I am unashamedly addicted to lipstick and pretty much willing to try anything on my face! Here are my top finds from this year that pretty much provide me with my ‘every day’ make up look.

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