Saving for a rainy day…

Saving. Love it or hate it in order to scrape that wonga together we have to do it. I happen to quite like saving and drawing up a plan of how to reach a certain target. Today I thought I’d share with you my planning process and a few tips on how to get to those gorgeous new shoes, that holiday of a life time or that illusive first home, which is currently what I am channeling all of my efforts in to.

Saving only works if you are realistic, honest and if you’ve got all the facts. What do I mean by this I hear you ask!

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Sustainable Development Goals #GlobalGoals2015

This week 193 of the worlds leaders are meeting all in one room to agree on 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the world. This moves on from the Millennium Development goals which sets out aims and objectives for the next 15 years. It is an interesting time to be a part of these happenings right now and an interesting time to be a part of this kind of politics.  Sustainable Development goals are something we can’t over look, something that EVERYONE has an opinion on and something that needs talking about.

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Autumn Days – My favourite season

Today marks the Autumn Equinox. The day when both the North Pole and South Pole are fully alined giving the northern and southern hemisphere the same hours of daylight. As we leave the summer behind and embark on the change of seasons into Autumn I thought we would all like a bit of a summer wind up, a chance to look back and look forward. I LOVE autumn. Its my favourite season for so many reasons. Summer is great; light nights, warm air, holidays etc they are all great but in my opinion you just can’t beat a thick wolly jumper, a scarf, a hat and a hot cup o’ cocoa. As the leaves change colour and everything retreats to prepare for the cold to come my inner granny comes out and I’m not complaining, cozy nights and candles become family favourite and soups and stews replace bbq food.  In this post I’m going to wrap up my summer, forecast for the autumn and share what I love most about this time of year.

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Back to School September #Back2School

September has been a month of new beginnings for most of my life. I was in continual education for 21 years, I didn’t take any gaps (although I wish I had taken many more chances). I went from school to school, the 6th Form, to university and before my graduation I had started working full time. With the hashtag of #Back2School doing the rounds this month I couldn’t let it pass without offering up a few of my own words of encouragement and also to share with you a little bit about me.

The Princess Diana Award Legacy.

IMG_8378Princess Diana was our Nations Princess, loved by the world twice over she left such a mark on this Earth that she will most certainly never ever be forgotten. I was honored to have been nominated by my school and to be awarded the Princess
Diana Award for Outstanding, Sustained and Selfless Contribution to Your Community in 2010. Whilst growing up I had got a handle on my confidence early on and although I didn’t know the path in which I wanted my adult life to take I knew the type of adult I wanted to be. I wanted to be someone who gave back, who helped; who changed things, I wanted to be someone who built things. I wanted, just as much back then as I do now, to be a part of something bigger and if that involves helping one other person or a hundred other people I intend to do so. Maybe it’s that sentiment that encourages me to blog or get up in a morning and go to work as a parliamentary caseworker. Who knows?

Diana_Logo_Foil_BlockYou can learn more about Princess Diana and the Award here, on facebook or on twitter. Give them a follow, show them some love.

Going back to school is hard, even the most confident kid has a knot in their stomach as they enter the playground. Growing up isn’t easy but it’s the only thing in life that is certain, every minute of every hour of every day we are growing. Every minute gone is one we’ve lost so I suggest you use it to help others from the lessons you have learnt yourself be them big or small. Be the change you want to see, be who you want to be, it always seems impossible until its done, whatever cliché or quote you want to throw at it, actually do it, *be* the reason someone smiles today. Everything you do can and will inspire someone somewhere so don’t give up, don’t suffer in silence, don’t hide your talents. Go out there and get it, if you don’t ask you don’t get and more importantly if you don’t get what you really want you’ll learn a different way to ask for it. Continue reading

Holiday Neccesitiess

So I survived my two weeks in spain amongst the tropical storms that flooded half of the Costa Blanca and the scorchio heat that followed. I thought I’d share my holiday necessities seen as I got such an over whelming response from my travel articles so far. This post will be split into 4; Hair Care, Skin Care, Make Up, Books. Now its not usually my style to write about these things but I love reading them so here goes…


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Ryanair: Boarding…I think I’ll Pass!

IMG_8360Before we get in to the nitty gritty of my rant about my experience with Ryanair lets just put it out there that this is this a ‘Low Fare Airline’. I’m not in anyway expecting an Emirates level of service; I didn’t pay for that so I don’t expect it. This post is about my views on the low fare airline that have left me with the view to NEVER fly with them again. My issues, as extensive as the list include check in, boarding passes and the general demeanor of the staff. If they’re not miserable or rude they are scruffy, untidy and unprofessional!

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Zon, Zee en Cultuur: Moraira

If you’ve been following my posts on instagram lately you will see that I’ve taken a long overdue family holiday and thought it only fair to drop in a cheeky little review of Moraira in the Costa Blanca, a small, upmarket Spanish coastal town, part of Teulada which offered to me a mixture of Spanish weather and lifestyle, Dutch locals and the chance to reconnect with my family. I wanted to share my holiday highlights with you as I feel my trip was just as much Dutch as it was Spanish. This was the first ‘dutch-influenced’ holiday my parents had ever taken, I’m easing them in to a trip to my Heart-Country next year (they just don’t know it yet).

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It’s not all doom and gloom: The Dutch, taking the ‘dis’ out of disAbility

I have a tendency to pick news stories that get me a little irate and over opinionated that I felt the need to write about a positive story, something that the Dutch are doing which is really commendable.

Klijnsma Jetta, Secretary of State for Social Affairs made an announcement for €100 million to be put towards making jobs made available for vulnerable workers. By vulnerable they are referring to those individuals with disabilities and learning difficulties. This concept will help so many people I’m surprised it has taken so long to come into force. Not only will his help people with difficulties to have a little responsibility and individualization it will help the families of those individuals to see their sons, daughters, brother or sisters etc to not being held back unnecessarily by such limitations.

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Criminals have a better deal than the innocent? Dutch prisoners to be given vitamins.

In the infinite wisdom of the Dutch Justice Minister new trials are set to begin in Dutch Prisons to curb aggression of their inmates. Now I’m all for them being controlled, the only reason they are in there is through a lack of it. So what are their plans I hear you ask…food supplements. Yes you read that right. The Dutch want to trail a new idea of curbing aggression with vitamins and fish oils. There has been loads of research into the effects of food on our behavior hence our newly acquired knowledge on the role of sugar and e-numbers in hyperactivity disorders. Here is my initial take on this news story.

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